Why I created our Sparrow & Sage bedding

March 7th, 2023 | Tracey Mckee

I’m excited to share with you our Sparrow & Sage bedding collection and explain a little bit about why I decided to create it.



I’ve always loved to put together people’s bedding, and I’m passionate about fabrics! I think a beautiful fabric is such a luxury and a game-changer for a room. While some pretty bedding is available out there, I wanted to create visually beautiful bedding that offered a little more complexity in its pattern, while still being approachable and comfortable.



I started at my kitchen table.



The first pattern I worked on is the Montecito.




It was inspired by a beautiful antique fabric I saw at a market. I never forgot it and used it to create this design.


Some things that make it unique are the large repeat that takes special matching at the seams, and it doesn’t use two or three colors, it took twelve to create this pattern! I printed it on linen for a soft casual look even though the pattern is complex.



The next print I created was a stripe, as I have always loved stripes.


I named it the Hamilton. We offer it in both Indigo and Charcoal.



I wanted to bring something special into this bedding collection more than a simple stripe that repeats statically across the fabric.


You will see the Hamilton stripe goes from wide to narrow stripes with different groupings placed together symmetrically. Because of the complexity of the pattern, it requires more fabric than a typical stripe to make, but I feel the way this beautiful pattern presents itself makes it worth it!



One final thing about our bedding, the linen is all pre-washed and soft to the touch, while the backing is a very light cotton sateen. This is intentional because I personally don’t think there is anything worse than crawling into bed under a heavy duvet.....you can’t move your toes!



I hope if you choose to purchase some of our Sparrow & Sage bedding, you’ll love the look and feel it brings into your bedroom, and also enjoy how comfortable it is to sleep in.


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- Tracey Mckee

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