The cocktail table - why so important?

March 21st, 2023 | Brent McKee

Your cocktail table is likely the piece that says more about you and your lifestyle than any other furniture item in your home.



Cocktail Table or Coffee Table?

Both names have been interchanged for as long as I can remember!

The cocktail table was actually a late development in the history of furniture, having its origins traced back to both the European and Ottoman empires in the late 1800’s. Most tables in homes throughout history were dining/worktable height out of necessity, but what set the lower height cocktail table into permanent status in homes was actually, wait for it.... the “couch potato”. Yes, the couch potato has actually contributed to society in this significant feat.

It was the introduction and widespread use of the television in the 1950’s that ultimately sealed the fate of this lower-height table. All so we could see our TVs over the table when relaxing.



The all-important piece that sits in front of your sofa.

And while a late bloomer in the furniture world, the cocktail table is called on to serve any number of functions. It can be a place for statement accessories, your favorite books and magazines, fresh flowers, candles, the TV remote, and of course coffee & cocktails. Hopefully, it’s not danced on... or at least not very often anyway!



It can also make an architectural statement.



While we all enjoy living, lounging, and eating around our cocktail tables they also are architectural pieces that help ground a particular design style and help present the look and feel of your home.




We at Sparrow and Sage know you use the cocktail table not only as a focal point, but also a much-used item of furniture.


And we have developed them with this in mind. Our finishes are both livable and durable, having a more natural look and feel while still providing a degree of protection.



No wood is completely un-stainable.

With reasonable care, ours will allow you the luxury of having a more natural look and still hold up beautifully. CARE: no wet moisture directly on the table, wipe up spills immediately, and only clean with a very lightly damp, warm cloth.... no polishes, please!


Our tables are also heavy, being made most often of a very dense, Monterrey Oak. This particular wood was chosen for its durability and will patina with age…. and dings, scuffs and “life” marks all add to its character over time.



As backup command central, and place of significance in your home we think we have some good ones for you to choose from!



- Brent McKee

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