Holiday Company?

November 10th, 2022 | Tracey Mckee

Some special touches to make your guests feel welcome and cared for.



I absolutely love to have my family come home for the holidays and it means a lot to me that they know I thought about them and wanted to make their stay special and relaxing. Here are a few things I do around my house if you want to incorporate the same welcoming touches for your guests. Even if you can only try one or two of these ideas because of a busy life, I encourage you to do your best and enjoy doing something special for your guests. They'll appreciate it and look forward to coming back.

Make the Guest Bedroom a retreat so they know they can take a little time just for themselves to relax and rejuvenate.



Interesting subjects like dogs, horses, recipes, or decorating are fun to look at while you're on a holiday break and provide material for some fun conversations!



Luggage Rack

If there isn't a walk in closet with room for luggage storage, a handsome luggage rack is the way to go.



Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers in a Pretty Vase

Just one pretty flower cut from your garden or a collection from the store - either are a thoughtful gesture.







Turn the bathroom into a spa.

One great pleasure in life is to step out of the shower on a soft, clean bath mat and topping it off with a pretty, super soft and absorbent towel.











Go for it here - it's a great place not to skimp.






- Tracey Mckee

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