From our story to yours.

Sparrow and Sage crafts intimately familiar, yet refreshingly current designs, rooted in what matters most to you.

As our world continues moving faster than ever before, we recognize a yearning for authenticity, craftsmanship and timelessness.

At Sparrow and Sage, we find purpose in encouraging others in their pursuit of inspiration.

Because we believe the most inspired lives happen when we use our passions to connect, learn from and encourage each other to live fully and authentically for ourselves and others. This is the pursuit. And together, we celebrate that journey.

- Tracey & Brent McKee

Tracey McKee

During my early years as an interior designer I saw the furniture industry stray from its most important tenets. Gone was the nuance of a lovely finish made slowly, the thoughtfulness of a cohesive room setting, and the artistic flourishes of creative textiles.

This shift began to plant a new dream in my heart: To inspire in others the same awe that came over me when I first saw the beauty of well-executed, down-to-the-last-detail rooms created with thoughtfully designed, well-made furniture.

Now, after years of nights and weekends sketching at our family’s kitchen table, countless trips and meetings to find the artisans who shared our values and vision we are thrilled to share the Sparrow & Sage furniture collection with you.

We’ve paired our timeless, understatedly elegant pieces with a curated selection of items from other trusted sources to offer collections for family and living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms for those who are looking for authentic style, timeless beauty and quality craftsmanship. We’re honored to be part of your homes and your journey to thoughtful, inspired living.

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