Keeping It Interesting This Fall

October 6th, 2022 | Tracey Mckee

Phew! I don’t know about you, but by the time Fall rolls around, I’m ready for some structure to my days. I’ve always enjoyed summers with family vacations, kids sleeping in after staying up too late, and impromptu BBQs with friends and neighbors. But as Fall arrives, I find myself craving the structure that fall brings back to my life.


With the return of my normal routine, and the cooler weather of fall, I feel ready to bring out some cozier blankets and deeper, more earthy colors to my living spaces and bedrooms. I thought I would share some of the changes I make during the fall in case you are feeling the same way and want to celebrate the season in your own home.

  1. Change your candles:

Earthy, spicy scented candles are the easiest way to add autumnal warmth and a cozy atmosphere to a room. I like the Carriere Freres “Sandalwood” candle, the Cerrena Molla “Moroccan Cedar” candle, or our own signature Sparrow candle for fall. 

fall style


sparrow sage candles


  1. Change your toss pillows:

Linen is always my favorite texture for pillows and bedding, but it’s often nice to add some soft velvet accents in the fall. And of course, changing your color palette to darker tones can make a bed or sofa feel more inviting during the cooler months. You can always keep your main toss pillows and simply change the way you support them. For example, here we changed a few pillows in the corner of a sofa from a fresh, light palette to deep blue and brown pillows. You can keep the same inserts and change the covers so it’s a relatively inexpensive way to get a whole new feel in your room.

pillows sparrow and sage

sparrow and sage inspiration couch


  1. Switch out your throws and blankets:

We keep several throws in a basket in our family room. In the summer, I have a few light linen throws for cuddling up on cool evenings, but in the fall, it’s nice to switch them out with heavier options for nestling in to watch TV or read a book as the nights get colder. In the bedroom, adding a wonderful plush comforter back into your duvet is probably one of life’s greatest blessings. Snuggling up under a warm comforter on a cold night provides the BEST sleep there is to be had.



  1. Add Some Fall from Nature itself:

You can always add some autumnal foliage and flowers too. Or fill bowls with harvest fruits, like apples or pomegranates. Adding these classic fall colors and fragrances can easily update a room for the new season.

sunflowers sparrow and sage


As always, these are ideas to help make your home a more inspiring place to be. We all can feel motivated to transform our homes with the changing of the seasons, although it may be hard to find the time while getting back into a normal routine after summer. Even trying just one of these ideas can make your home feel updated and inviting during the transition to fall. Or perhaps you feel really inspired and decide to go for the whole plan! Whatever the case may be, my hope is that you enjoy the season, enjoy your home, and enjoy the people that come in and out of it.


I love a quote I read by Penny Morrison: “A home can become too comfortable sometimes. An ongoing schedule of freshening up is a good thing to do.”


Here’s to keeping it interesting this Fall. Have fun!

towels hanging on rack  sparrow and sage
- Tracey Mckee

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