Freshen Up



Are you still putting away holiday decorations? Or maybe you’re one of those organized people who gets holiday decorations put away right after you ring in the New Year!


Regardless, I know for myself and the great customers we help at the first of the year, it feels good to put all the clutter away, do a good thorough clean and then get everything back to the way “it used to be”.


this is the “oh no, here we go part”, somehow after you put your accessories and pillows etc out, the interiors can fall a little flat or uninspired.


I have a theory on that,(my husband would say that’s no surprise). Here it is. I think some of our “stuff” gets a little outdated or boring and we don’t even realize it because they become a part of our day to day. Then, when you get holiday put away your house looks a little drab and BAM, you realize what’s been there for awhile: blahsville or 80’s/90’s ville!


You need a little refresh. Hey, it’s okay to change some things in your home, you don’t wear the same shirt for 5 years do you?


I have been asked to share some of the easiest ways to spruce up a family room and here are some ideas for you.


Pillows, Hurricanes and Vases with fresh flowers can perk up your space and you can get that done in a couple of hours!


We took some pictures in our showroom of our “Ava Sectional” with 3 different sets of pillows on it. It’s fun to see how the same sofa can go from “elegant and sophisticated”, to “tailored classic” to “euro chic”.






Euro Chic

Tailored Classic

Elegant & Sophisticated

When you’re changing your pillows, you may want to add a hurricane (don’t forget a new candle too) that agrees with the style your pillows are now dictating. And then add the vase with fresh flowers or container with greenery. Oh yes . . . Maybe a cozy throw too! Hope this inspires a little “pick- me-up” for your home!

Have fun with your interior spruce up and if you want a little help or a few more ideas, visit us or give us a call. We are a group of peeps who love stuff like this and would be happy to help you.

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Simple Mouth Blown Glass Hurricane

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